The Wisconsin 4-Wheel Drive Association and it's multitude of member clubs put on an annual Road/Off Road Rally for the past 20 years, which involves upwards of 400 trucks for that weekend. The purpose of this rally is to have Four Wheeler enthusiasts to gather donations for the March of Dimes in their quest to prevent birth defects. Every year this event earns in the area of $50,000 in donations, with most paid in advance, which is a rarity in any volunteer fund raising event. The participants are then treated to approximately 63 miles of off road fun, with your only guide being a whimsical clue sheet, and the solitude of the deep Wisconsin northwoods! Mud, sand, hills, rocks, water and wooded trails... the March of Dimes Rally has it all. This is one of the biggest Wisconsin events of the year, and PYT makes it a point to be a major part of it every year!

We are glad you were able to stay with us at check point "PYTville" on the March of Dimes Rally. Why not come along and join in on the fun?