Registration began early at this year's show. We were there at 6am, and even though the dark, cloudy and foreboding skies coupled with brisk 40 degree winds, the hearty participants began filing in at 8 am on the button. The guarantee of a show rain or shine has been proven by PYT during last years monsoon car show with over 67 participants!

Hot, delicious food was served up by PYT's trained culinary staff with burgers, brats and refreshments all day long. We were sold out twice during the day, requiring a fast track to the meat market for more nutrients. The satisfied look on customers faces told the story, and their immediate return for more told "the rest of the story."

The local low rider club showed up in full force and was given top billing on the front lawn of the show grounds. The prevailing beautiful day brought out hundreds of spectators and car enthusiasts alike.

All makes and models of truck were present at this show, from mild to wild and wholesome to awesome.

Well over 110 cars were in attendance on this warm sunny spring day… quite a turn around from the cool threatening skies a few hours before. Some of the most awesome machines we've ever seen came in to display their hardware.

Other events entertained the show goers throughout the day, such as the infamous "Log
Challenge" event where participants are challenged to cross the chained
together logs the "slowest" without
stopping or using their brakes. This is real tricky!

PYT's shows are not just all show… here a judge holds a decibel meter measuring the loudest exhaust in the famous "Exhaust Challenge" competition. Engines were revving everywhere on the show grounds through out the day. Stereos were also measured in the separate "Stereo Challenge" competition.

At the end of the show, right on time at 3pm, the numerous awards were presented to all the categories as well as special categories receiving door prizes of their pick off the table of prizes provided by the Dealership. 54 participants walked away with prizes and awards.

Oh, there is more… the "Ramp Index Challenge" is an event where trucks can test their suspension flex. Real life comparable numbers inform the owners of their suspension's capabilities.

Not to be out done, PYT later tested additions of new events to next year's show, including this Military hummer versus Farm Boy and his tractor competition. Only those that were there, and all the farm boys out there know who lost.

Everyone at PYT and Ewald's Ford in Hartford thank everyone for stopping by Sunday.
We are glad you had a great time... So did we!