Full Page Ad Samples

An 800x1100 pixel (approx. 8"x11") multi-colored full page dedicated solely to your ad & business.

Also, you will receive an additional Banner Ad linked directly to this page, FREE!

Your business or name will appear on a special sponsor page as well. FREE!

As an advertisers you business will also be featured every month in the Association newsletter mailed directly to associates - FREE!

Optional full color graphics and animations will bring your unique and eye-catching page to life on the World Wide Web.

If your business has a dedicated Internet site or E-Mail address, the full page ad will have links directly to it.

Your dedicated page will have a unique "Internet Address" that you can promote in your business, calling cards or in newspaper ads. Potential customers can go directly to your private page without any interference.

Your page can include business information, products and services you offer, open hours, prices, specials and deals… anything you like.

The Graphical option lets you display photos, illustrations, maps, & even a tour of your place.

Advertise coming events, thank-you's to customers and suppliers, and even employees.

Get an advantage on the competition!

NO additional set-up costs!    NO monthly fees!    Fast, reliable Internet access!    Professionally designed!