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PYT welcomes commercial and private advertisements, in assistance in the funding for this fantastic website. Yes, it takes money to run a professional website like this, but for businesses, it can make money. With over a million hits per year now logging onto pyt.org, those eager Internet enthusiasts will be able to see your advertisement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Now you can advertise on the hottest Internet site on the 'Net! The official web-site of the P.Y.T Offroaders Association Inc. logs in over
1 million hits per year. That's over 2,500 viewers everyday, and one every 30 seconds!

Advertise your business on this incredibly popular site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and for less than twenty-five cents a day! This is a fraction of the cost most Internet sites charge. PYT supports their local businesses, as they have supported PYT in the past.

The P.Y.T. Internet site went on-line in February of 1998, and was professionally prepared using detailed, colorful and eye-catching graphics, which is one of the reasons hundreds of thousands of people world-wide visit this site every month. Over 100 pages of recreational information, news and colorful photos keep the rest of the world glued to their screen day after day.

PYT, incorporated and formed 1981, is a Non-Profit organization, and your tax deductible advertisement contribution, assists in PYT's ever growing Internet costs.  The production value of pyt.org has been estimeate in excess of $40,000 as of the second quarter of 1999.

Advertising Options
There are numerous ways to get your message across on pyt.org. You are limited only to your own imagination, however, we also would like to share some ideas that we have found to work well in the past. Take a look at both samples below to see which would best suite your needs.

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STANDARD BANNER DISPLAY 500x70 Banner Ad / 12 months
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5) ...to appear on the opening page
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7) ...to appear at the top of a page

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GRAPHICAL FULL PAGE DISPLAY 800x1100 / 12 months
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pening pages" are seen by every viewer accessing the PYT site. "Main" pages are accessed by viewers selecting specific categories. Other ads are placed in the content pages of specific categories.