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NOTICE TO OUR MEMBERS AROUND THE WORLD::::::: will no longer use UPS as a service, and will not accept packages using UPS any longer. They will be refused.

We have been informed by one of our most loyal sponsors and supporters that an item shipped to a customer in Canada was damaged while in UPS's possession, and UPS turned their backs on everyone and walked away from any offering ANY support at all to even try to help cover item or costs involved. Our Sponsor has been a long time UPS customer for over 20 years as their one and only major shipping provider.

After 20 years of loyal and dedication patronage, UPS refuses to even HELP to cover that ONE package that was damaged while in their possession. Due to this not surprising, but still disgusting news, we can no longer rely on UPS to ship our member's items safely and securely, and can no longer endorse, or condone the use of UPS by our members, nor can we accept any packages sent to us via UPS. We support those who support us and we do NOT support UPS.

If you have a business, or just plain ship items to each other, if you choose to use Fed-Ex instead of UPS, we will give you one extra dollar off of your next year's members dues for every single item you ship NOT with UPS! Just send us the receipt!!!